Aleksandar Sofranac – Art Director/Designer/Illustrator

Aleksandar Sofranac is an art director, designer, illustrator and creative director. His designs ranges across multitude of media, from digital to print. Aleksandar was born in Belgrade, Serbia. His first encounter with the design was in elementary school when he drew his first comic book. The digital age came, and the best friends became Illustrator, Photoshop and Maya. Started as a web designer, right around the time when Macromedia Flash ruled the web. Evolving as a designer he became interested in motion design. Aleksandar is now working as a designer/art director for Globra GmbH, and also as a freelance designer/art director for various clients around the globe.

click for more info

click for more info

For more information, please visit Aleksandar’s portfolio at: Behance and Dribbble.

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