NUKE 10 is coming soon

The NUKE tools you use every day are about to get a whole lot better. Coming in early 2016, NUKE 10 focuses on enhancing performance, increasing stability, blitzing bugs and delivering new functionality in the areas that matter most to artists: paint, rendering, playback, export and more. We’ve also got a whole sweep of updates to keep NUKE up to date with industry standards, plus new OpenColorIO integration to simplify your color management workflow.

NUKE 10’s new features and enhancements are designed to speed up the tasks at the core of every compositing job. A new 3D ray trace renderer gives NUKE the ability to create native reflections, and also scales better and produces higher quality output. Meanwhile, NUKEX and NUKE STUDIO get a powerful new Smart Paint toolset that lets you add textures or paint to image sequences that contain complex motion or subtle detail—check out the video!

Talking of NUKE STUDIO, one year after its initial launch, we’ve continued to invest in our end-to-end VFX, editorial and finishing solution. NUKE STUDIO’s timeline toolset is now even better, with new in-timeline soft effects including a real-time keyer; enhanced audio handling; and a big push on improving performance. Whether you’re working as an individual artist or as part of a collaborative team, the latest release of NUKE STUDIO has everything you need to successfully complete short or long-form projects.

Itching to get your hands on NUKE 10? You won’t have to wait much longer. The open beta will be available 14 January 2016 to customers on valid maintenance. Make sure you’re ready to enjoy a preview of this great release.


Source: Foundry 

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