KRALJEVSKI FILMSKI FESTIVAL was launched with the aim of presenting short movie form, to young film fans outside the major centers, where there are no Film schools, through the works of creative authors who are just looking for a place in the seventh art. Demetropolization culture is one way to get closer to the largest number of followers and the Kraljevski filmski festival was conceived as a national competitive film festival in the field of short film.

It is held annually during September in city of Kraljevo. Kraljevo received its present name, meaning “the King’s Town”, from King Milan I of Serbia. Here seven kings are said to have been crowned. Because of our historical heritage decided to name our festival “Kraljevski filmski festival”.

The festival provides an opportunity for visitors to see short films, from all around the world, and to participate workshops and develop their knowledge in the field of film art.

Our desire is that through collaboration with film schools in the region, give opportunity to young people to meet with professionals filmmakers, and to give them idea how they can express themselves through the film art.

The festival will also include interviews with authors, workshops, exhibitions…


Festival deadline:
31 May 2016

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