This regulation shall govern the conditions and manner of allocating incentives to an investor producing an audiovisual work in the Republic of Serbia, and for the purpose of encouraging economic activities pertaining to the audiovisual production in the Republic of Serbia, through increased employment in audiovisual production, as well as through promotion of the potentials of the Republic of Serbia concerning this area of interest, that is to say concerning its infrastructural, productive and service activities.

Ovom uredbom uređuju se uslovi i način dodele podsticajnih sredstava investitoru koji u Republici Srbiji proizvodi audiovizuelno delo, a u cilju podsticanja privrednih aktivnosti u vezi sa audiovizuelnom proizvodnjom u Republici Srbiji, kroz povećanje zaposlenosti u audiovizuelnoj proizvodnji, kao i promociju potencijala Republike Srbije u ovoj delatnosti, odnosno njenih infrastrukturnih, proizvodnih i uslužnih delatnosti.

English: regulation-on-incentives

Serbian: uredba


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