Disney Releases Production Assets for R&D and Education

Disney Animation has released two production assets to be used in computer graphics research and software development or education.

The first data set is a realistic cloud that could be used for example in volume rendering research. The large and highly detailed volumetric cloud data set, is intended to be used for various purposes, including movie and game production as well as research. The entire data set is available in the “cloud” package from this Disney web site.


The second data set is a massive data set consisting of the whole Moana island, it is directly the data that is used in the movie and includes all trees, ocean, corals, flora and other clutter in the scene. The data includes PTEX textures, shading information and some animation to represent the complexity of data sets that are encountered in feature animation production at the Walt Disney Animation studios” commented Ralf Habel, Sr. Software Engineer of Rendering at Walt Disney Animation Studios. Habel’s own research has addressed much of these same areas including Real-time Rendering, Physically Based Rendering, Vegetation Rendering and Animation, Precomputed Lighting, Volume Rendering and Production Rendering.

The entire data set is broken into three packages :

  1. The raw data necessary to render just one frame is available in the “Base” package. [45 GB download / 93 GB unpacked]
  2. The additional animation data necessary to render the entire shot is available in the “Animation” package. [24 GB download / 131 GB unpacked]
  3. A translation of our data into a format that can be used by pbrt is available in the “PBRT” package. This can also be generated from the “Base” package. [6 GB download / 41 GB unpacked]

More information on fxguide.com



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