3Lateral develops innovative technologies that allow digitization of human appearance and motion at unprecedented level of realism. We have been recognized as pioneers and innovators in the gaming industry and have a long list of successful AAA gaming projects behind us, all focused on high quality characters where major developers and publishers worldwide have assigned us with a key role in setting the pipeline and executing projects such as: Marvel Spiderman, Electronic Arts Star Wars Battlefront II, Battlefield I, Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto IV and V  together with many other titles.

Gaming and film are only the first industries to use our products, technology itself is applicable in many others like AI, biometrics, robotics, research and even in industries which may come as a surprise such as automotive since autonomous cars would like to understand human reactions, too.

In order to digitize an appearance of human, we produce an end to end solution- from electronics and hardware for 3D and 4D scanning, systems that store the data in our state of the art data center, data bases and pipeline solutions to processing algorithms, semantic solvers and real time engine solutions that render the processed data.

We produce digital humans which can populate a game, VR and AR experience, be a face of Artificial Intelligence or train Artificial Intelligence to understand the face, check identity to high degree of accuracy, check and track potentially dangerous skin changes, visualize a person based only on a description and many other exciting applications.

Ernst & Young has awarded 3Lateral as most innovative company in Serbia in 2015 and the largest computer graphics conference in the world – Siggraph has awarded our project with Real Time Live! award. Together with our partners, our real time system was the most impressive against competition which included companies like Google and Pixar.

All those we thank to our devoted team and now look for a self driven team player to join it at a position of




One of 3Lateral foundation stones is big data. We collect, store and process lots of it. 3Lateral is currently building a state of the art data center in it’s Novi Sad office. Data center will have high performance modules consisted of high speed networking and all flash storage as well as large scale module that will create plenty of space- 1.5Pb as a first step only (with all Disaster Recovery and Backup systems needed). Our last tech demo with Andy Serkis created 3TB of data per each minute of performance, which, when finished, ended as a holographic clip that could be rendered in real time. What is the most amazing is that essence of performance was preserved to the finest details while data is compressed approximately million times. Handling this kind of data requires smart compression, optimization, accurate labeling, cross-referencing, AI and much more, while that all is stored and processed on our cutting edge data center.

We walked many paths, but new ones are opening with ever increasing pace. We need you to join our team and help us on this quest making realistic digital life and pushing borders further than anyone before.


Essential skill set:

  • 3+ year of programming experience
  • Strong core programming skills
  • Good knowledge of math with focus on linear algebra and optimizations
  • Bachelor or master’s degree in computer science or similar
  • Responsible person capable of independent and team work, self motivated



  • Experience working on big data sets
  • Knowledge of Python
  • Basic knowledge of 3D computer graphics


We offer vibrant and multidisciplinary atmosphere. Our partnership with Epic Games also provides a rich set of “special projects” where both companies are trying to push the boundaries of what is possible in interactive medium and impress the whole industry.

You can expect long term career development plan supported by individual and professional growth through good work-life balance (organized working schedule, flexible working hours, regular vacations) and continuous education through  hands on experience, attendance of the leading seminars and conferences from the field, available cutting edge literature, work with exciting new technologies, chance to collaborate with the top professionals from the field, interaction within the team members with different skill set.

The job is in our cozy offices in Novi Sad in collaboratively and friendly working environment. We offer competitive compensation plan and 12 – months employment contract with the possibility of converting it to permanent employment.


If you are interested send us your CV at office@3lateral.com until the 21st of November 2018

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