Allianz Spiral TVC by Open Studio

Open Studio has finished another challenging project for Impact BBDO and their client Allianz, with director Zoran Krstić and full Serbian production team.

What seemed almost impossible for building in studio, was made in CGI. Also Open studio VFX team has invented how to have circular conveyor belt in all indoor and outdoor scenes without building it physically, but with shooting each shot in several passes, with moving platform for interacting props and cast.

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Another production challenge was to make it doable in one shooting day. The key was in good preparation, precise measuring and making lighting set ups in test day, before the shooting.

And then shooting was supported by realtime compositing, to make sure that all works fine with CG backgrounds, and between the passes that were shot.

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On top of that came great performance by all actors lead by young Ivan Marković and Vaja Dujović.

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Since all were in motion, fast and short in time, help of choreographer Milan Gromilić was very important, to make perfect every actor’s movement.


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In parallel in neighboring hangar of PFI Studios photoshoot took a place with photographer Branko Starčević.

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