We are a video game development company from Serbia founded in 2011 and since then we have created 48 games and continue to redefine casual adventure genre. Today, with 145 studio members we are ready to break new ground with our upcoming AA projects boldly stepping into genres favored by hardcore gamers. Our mission is very simple: we love games, we make games and we love making games. Now we are looking for new crew members to join us as a:




Beneath every great video game character is a great rig that allowed it to become the stuff of legends. If you know how those rigs are made, we have an offer that you’ll find interesting – we’re looking for a character rigger!


What will you do as a Mad Head?

  • Design and produce user-friendly character rigs (bipeds, quadrupeds and birds)
  • Integration of characters and rigs into the game development pipeline
  • Efficient character skinning while maintaining a high degree of visual and deformation verisimilitude
  • Close cooperation with modeling and animation teams in order to create optimized rigs fully compliant with the needs and functionalities of characters
  • Custom script coding and creation of tools facilitating a more advanced and optimized pipeline
  • Actively participate in team discussions, weekly stand-up meetings, and sit-down reviews


It would be great to have the following:

  • Excellent understanding of modeling, skinning, and the principles of animation
  • Excellent understanding of the interconnectedness of modeling, animation, and rigging
  • Autodesk Maya skills that make you look like a wizard. Especially to rookies!
  • Solid understanding of anatomy and movement of bipeds, quadrupeds and birds
  • Solid understanding of Python/Mel
  • Previous experience with Unreal Engine 4

In return, here’s what we can give:

  • A dynamic and extremely positive workplace like you`ve never seen before. NEVER.
  • A chance to work on a very ambitious AA title
  • An opportunity to use tools that are at or above the industry standard
  • More fun than you can take (or can you?)


Contact: jobs@madheadgames.com



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