Open Studio Remote Reel

Even before it actually started, Open Studio announced this reel to present possibilities of remote work in advertising, in a situation when shootings are very restricted or almost impossible. That’s definitely not only about simple or just character animation. That’s why there are robots, humanoid realistic animals, micro shots, imaginary unseen worlds, or realistic ones, but fully computer-generated…

At the same time, the edit of Open Studio’s recent works gives an artistic reaction to current circumstances. Seen from this perspective some shots have new, comedy meanings, like pair of shoes escaping from the house to go on board, chairs want to escape (but can’t) from the airport, playing chess with a robot, karate fighting with a bear, deep cleaning and washing, use (or production) of credit cards (all without people!), taking out hidden treasures (diamonds), excessive consumption of (healthy) food and alcoholic beverages…


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