The Making of Next-Gen Digital Humans with Andy Serkis by 3Lateral


3Lateral demonstrated its most advanced human-driven digital characters featuring actor Andy Serkis. These characters define new quality frontiers when it comes to lifelike and realistic facial gesticulation and appearance, all rendered in real-time in Unreal Engine. The demo was developed in collaboration with Epic games and revealed during “State of Unreal” opening keynote session on March 21st at the Game Developers Conference 2018.

3Lateral applied its new Meta Human Framework© that merges volumetric capture, reconstruction and compression technology to bring to life breakthrough digital replica of Andy Serkis and his performance. Andy’s performance was then mapped onto 3Lateral’s fictional digital creature, Osiris Black, to demonstrate how the same facial performance can drive two vastly different characters. Continue reading


Epic Games and 3Lateral Introduce Digital Andy Serkis

A stunning development in real-time human-driven digital characters featuring actor Andy Serkis was unveiled during Epic Games’ “State of Unreal” opening session today at the Game Developers Conference.

Unreal Engine’s real-time rendering combined with 3Lateral’s Meta Human Framework© volumetric capture, reconstruction and compression technology brought this breakthrough digital human performance to life. The volumetric data was generated by capturing a series of high-quality, HFR images of Andy Serkis from multiple angles under controlled lighting. 3Lateral’s process involved various capture scenarios, some focused on geometry, some on appearance and others on motion. All of these inputs were applied to generate a digital representation of Andy Serkis, and to extract universal facial semantics that represent muscular contractions that make the performance so lifelike.

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Interview: Vladimir Mastilovic – 3lateral

VladimirMastilovic_loVladimir is founder and CEO of 3Lateral, a multidisciplinary company built around passion for creation of an appearance of life in digital medium. Vladimir’s focus in career are high fidelity digital humans starting from capture systems (3D and 4D scanning, appearance capture) to modelling and articulation systems to data bases, statistical modelling and engine integration. 3Lateral has received several prestigious awards including Most Innovative Entrepreneur by EY (2014) and Best Real Time Graphics and Interactivity (SIGGRAPH 2016, as part of team of companies Epic Games, Ninja Theory, Cubic Motion and 3Lateral). Portfolio of his company includes many AAA game titles including Grand Theft Auto IV and V, Red Dead Redemption, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Star Citizen, Until Dawn, Battlefield 1 and The Order:1886. We had an opportunity to hear about the 3Lateral’s “behind the scenes” works at CGA Belgrade conference, where Vladimir exclusively premiered some of their fresh developments.

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“Digital Arts Expo Powered By Nordeus” na ovogodišnjem Mikser Festivalu

Na ovogodišnjem izdanju Mikser festivala, imaćete priliku da se upoznate sa nekim od najkreativnijih kompanija iz oblasti gejminga, VFX-a i IT edukacije u posebnom silosu pod nazivom Digital Arts Expo Powered By Nordeus.


Deveto izdanje Mikser Festivala, najvećeg regionalnog festivala kreativnosti, održaće se od 25. do 28. maja na mestu na kome je sve i počelo – u silosima Žitomlina na donjem Dorćolu, pod autobiografskim sloganom “MIGRACIJE”.

Omiljena lokacija publike Mikser festivala, ove godine će pored velikog broja vrhunskih imena iz oblasti arhitekture, urbanog razvoja i planiranja, umetnike i muzičare iz regiona i sveta, ugostiti i neke od najkreativnijih kompanija iz oblasti gejminga, VFX-a i IT edukacije u posebnom silosu pod nazivom Digital Arts Expo Powered By Nordeus. Continue reading