Mercedes Benz – Stronger Then Time – Modeling car by Digital Asset Tailors

We were approached by nice guys from Sehsucht to help them out with first Mercedes G Class model and with some buildings texturing and shading for the cityscape at night. Back in a first G Class time there was no technology for CAD files so we took care of a newer G Class version CAD data, remodeling most of it to match first G Class model ever. Continue reading



You’ve seen it driven by Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis, and you’ve watched it being blown to pieces by that bloke from Top Gear. Now, witness it trying to escape the desperate attempts at animation from a struggling 3d artist and his musically savvy friend. The YUGO is back, and it’s handling better than ever! Continue reading

Computer Graphics Meet Up

Kada smo 6. decembra objavili vest o odražavanju konferencije, ona je glasila: “Prva mini konferencija kompjuterske grafike pod nazivom ”Computer Graphics Meet Up” održaće se 12. decembra 2015. godine u prostorijama Crater VFX Training Centra, pod sloganom “Knowledge & Skills”.” U ovoj objavi je sve bilo tačno, osim jedne reči – “mini“.

panorama obradjeno

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