Flowbox 1.7 is out, integrates Mocha


Flowbox is now releasing 1.7 with an natively integrated Mocha Planar Tracker, meaning there are no separate pop ups, or separate software to manage; it’s built right into the existing Flowbox UI in alignment with the company’s philosophy for minimizing and streamlining the rotoscoping process.

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Flowbox VFX Platform releases Rotoscoping v1.5

Flowbox, the creator of a node-based VFX platform focused on Rotoscoping, has just released a big update with Advanced Display Settings , LiveQC , and most importantly a long sought after Export to After Effects . The export generates keyframes and animation compatible with the newest AE. Since the release of Rotoscoping 1.0 at the end of 2016, the Flowbox team has been working hard on customer feature requests and optimization.

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