Seam VFX breakdown by Fx3x


Aleksandar Djordjevic – Montage 2017

Creative Director | VFX Supervisor | Flame+Nuke Artist //

Featuring clips from commercials and feature film work spanning the period from 2002 – 2017 as VFX supervisor, Flame Artist and Head of 2D at top tier facilities in USA & Europe

Shot work, breakdowns and VFX supervision done with Flame & Nuke, montage edited on Flame.

From torn limbs to Cyborgs: creating sci-fi VFX on a budget

In 2014, dentist turned director Nguyen Anh Nguyen and a small indie group of filmmakers gained worldwide acclaim when they completed work on “The Akira Project,” a live action fan trailer based on the manga “Akira”, which quickly went viral with more than three million views online.

Today, the same production team are about to release their next highly anticipated proof of concept: science fiction cyberpunk thriller, “Temple”. Continue reading