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Watch the transformation of Andy Serkis to Caesar!

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Unreal Engine demo: The Kid – 3Lateral

Yesterday at Game Developer Conference in San Francisco Epic Games announced big news for gaming industry- Unreal Engine is available to everyone for free and all future updates will be free!

Few months ago an inquiry came to us from Epic about possibility of 3Lateral designing and rigging a kid character who would portray child curiosity, confidence and ultimately- freedom. As Epic nicely put it “this is supposed to be the kid that everybody wants to be”. Character would be the only character in the piece which is mainly about environment, however, character would be central to the subtle story which leads to the main message- “IF YOU LOVE SOMETHING, SET IT FREE”. We were, of course, excited about this opportunity and accepted it without hesitation. Below is a result of collaboration with fantastic team at Epic.

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3Lateral iz Novog Sada, u saradnji sa SIDE i Cubic Motion studijima, predstavlja  SYNCHRONICITY, demostraciju u vidu kratkog filma, koji prikazuje niz emocija, prenešenih na digidouble karakter, korišćenjem motion capture tehnologije. Sve to u formatu kompatibilnom sa svim modernim Game Engine-ima. Tehnologija korišćenu na ovom projektu su razvila pomenuta tri studija i predstavljaju trenutni vrhunac tehnologije animacije karaktera u igrama. 3Lateral je odgovoran za model i rig karaktera

Pogledajte kratki film, kao i Making of za njega. Više informacija pronađite na sajtu projekta SYNCHRONICITY


Production Supervisor: Vladimir Mastilovic
Technical Supervisor: Vladimir Mastilovic
Art Director/ Lead Artist: Aleksandar Popov
Lead Rigger: Nikola Visnjic
Rigger: Vojislav Pavkov
Rigger: Vuk Rajkovic
Environment Artist: Goran Mamic
Texturing Artist: Marko Bugarski
FACS Director: Vladimir Mastilovic
Face Shapes Artist: Aleksandar Popov
Face Shapes Artist: Vladimir Mastilovic
Face Shapes Artist: Lazar Damjanov
Face Shapes Artist: Goran Mamic
Face Shapes Artist: Dragutin Sukovic
Cloth: Dijana Stuparusic
Cloth: Relja Ljubobratovic
Hair: Marija Blaskovic
Body Animation: Gorana Kovacevic
3D Scans Processing: Jelena Mastilovic
3D Scans Processing: Dijana Stuparusic
3D Scans Processing: Marija Blaskovic
3D Scans Processing: Marko Bugarski
Pipeline Programmer: Nikola Kudus
Pipeline Programmer: Predrag Mihic
Render Pipeline: Milan Kljajic