iAnimate & Pixel Animation

iAnimate & Pixel Animation

Pixel Animation & iAnimate.net

iAnimate is collaborating with Pixel Animation to bring the most talented artists, designers, riggers, modelers, animators, and directors to share their experience and inspire the film and game community. This 2-day conference held in Quebec City will have 14 speakers from studios such as Disney, ILM, DreamWorks, Blizzard, SCE Santa Monica, Sony ImageWorks and more.

Mark your calendars for April 4th & 5th and purchase your tickets here: http://www.pixel-animation-2014.eventbrite.ca/

Richard Arroyo, Head of Games at iAnimate announces the Pixel Animation event for April 2014.

Quebec City, April 4 & 5 2014
More Info: pixelanimation.org/en
Tickets: pixel-animation-2014.eventbrite.ca/

List of speakers at Pixel Animation 2014:
Bennie Terry (Technical Art Director at Spark Unlimited)
Hyrum Osmond (Supervising Animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios)
Izzy (Visual Development Artist at Riot Games)
Jalil Sadool (Animator at Dreamworks)
Jim Van Den Bogart (Senior Character Artist at Sony Santa Monica)
Joshua Ochoa (Senior Technical Artist at Robotoki)
Justin Yun (Creative Director/CCO at Section Studios)
Kevin Rucker (Senior Animator at Blizzard Entertainment)
Kris Pearn (Head of Story at Sony Pictures Animation)
Mathieu Di Muro (Senior Animator at ILM)
Pierre Perifel (Head of Animation at DreamWorks Animation)
Scott Holmes (Animation Supervisor at Nickelodeon Animation Studios)
Simon Unger (Lead Animator at Robotoki)
Ted Ty (Animator at Dreamworks Animation)

Get more information about Pixel & iAnimate:

Interviewer: Richard Arroyo
Camera and Editing: Sebastien Dussault


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