Cyberpunk 2077 Environment & Lighting Art by Treehouse Ninjas

For the final two years of Cyberpunk 2077 production, Treehouse Ninjas have been onboard with CD PROJEKT RED delivering a total of more than 130 complete locations.
Their responsibilities involved, starting from a grey boxed layout, testing and brainstorming with CDPR’s level designers and art directors, to develop the entire locations, nailing style, readability, storytelling and mood progression, guiding the player through different potential narrative paths and gameplay styles.
These were mainly side quests also known as ‘Street Stories’: independent and self-conclusive stories that would either start and end in the same broad location or sometimes take the player through different locations

The team at Treehouse Ninjas had the unique opportunity to not only take each entire location through all the phases of environment art production, up to the final polish but also to develop and implement the lighting for them, from the draft lighting stage to the final mood and look.

Treehouse Ninjas on Artstation and LinkedIn
THN Credits
Creative Director: Mauro Frau
Producer: Zoltan Pocza
Lead Artists: Szabolcs Matefy, Max Bottega, Norbert Varga
Senior Artists: Levente Gajdos, Antonio Carbajo
Artists: Bojan Tomic, Marton Fabian, Peter Bara, Jack Hunter, Balint Jaczko
Production Coordinators: Balazs Kalvin, Nelli Nagy
IT: Zsolt Wicklein

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