There’s a Rang-tan in my bedroom // narrated by Emma Thompson


“There’s a human in my forest and I don’t know what to do.”
Help stop dirty palm oil:

We are happy to share with you our latest work. and called us to be part of this rescue mission. We brought Rang Tans story to life to show what’s at stake if we continue to produce and consume palm oil at this pace. The scenes have been carefully hand-crafted and animated using various techniques including cell-frame, 3D, 2D and VR to bring to life the hand drawn animation in a flow of action through immersive camera. A fantastic team made it happen.

Rang-tan is the story of a little girl and her orangutan friend forced from her forest home. Indonesian rainforests are destroyed to grow field upon field of dirty palm oil used to make the everyday products we use. It doesn’t need to be like this, big brands have a responsibility to make sure that the palm oil used in their products isn’t made at the greatest cost for our forests.



14 amazing studios. More than 70 brilliant artists. Endless hours of work. Infinite creative synergy.

We present to you THE AWAKENING – a one-of-a-kind glimpse into the immense knowledge, creativity and expertise our community can offer.

Dying to see the entire thing?! Stay cool and save the date for November 16-17, when the full opener will be premiered as part of the CGA Belgrade conference program

Prijavite se za obuke iz oblasti filmske industrije

Beogradska filijala Nacionalne službe za zapošljavanje poziva nezaposlene sugrađane koji su zainteresovani za zanimanja u oblasti filma i filmske industrije da se prijave za besplatne obuke.

Prema programu organizovanja obuka za tržište rada, Nacionalna služba trenutno planira sprovođenje pet obuka za osposobljavanje nezaposlenih za obavljanje poslova u oblasti filmske industrije:

  • Obuka za tehničara u sektoru kamere
  • Obuka za tehničara rasvete
  • Obuka za scenskog tehničara
  • Obuka za knjigovođu u filmskoj industriji
  • Obuka za VFX generalistu (specijalni efekti).

Nezaposlena lica se mogu prijaviti kod svojih savetnika za zapošljavanje najkasnije do srede, 24.10.2018. godine, kako bi dobili detaljnije informacije.

VFX Producers Workshop at CGA Belgrade 2018

In partnership with Escape Studios from London CGA Belgrade is bringing a special two half day workshop aimed at producers and production management of VFX work. This is an introduction and participants will have a better understanding of the way a show is managed from conception through to delivery. You will understand the main processes involved in running a show and will understand some of the biggest and most common challenges faced by the production team.

When: November 16-17
Where: Jugoslovenska Kinoteka, Belgrade
Lecturer: Andrew Brassington, Escape Studios
Working language: English.
Professional registration: 80EUR
Students: 30 EUR
Number of participants limited to 15.
Registration to workshop is separate from the registration for CGA Belgrade conference programme, so make sure you have subscribed to link above.
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