Goodbye Uncanny Valley (video essay)

It’s 2017 and computer graphics have conquered the Uncanny Valley, that strange place where things are almost real… but not quite. After decades of innovation, we’re at the point where we can conjure just about anything with software. The battle for photoreal CGI has been won, so the question is… what happens now?


Venus of Jale (short animated movie)


Animated short “Venus of Jale” was inspired by sculptures by Ljubodrag Janković Jale, recognized Serbian fine artists, former professor of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. Since the 50’s he is engaged in work on different art forms, including drawing, painting, engraving and sculpting. His sculptures display figures of women. These figures have miraculous appeal, dignity and beauty, in a form which isn’t realistic, but simple and reduced into a composition of harmonic shapes in space. The style and simplicity of forms creates a monumental impression, which is unexpected for such small sculptures. These sculptures have richness of various influences, which seem to wrap all human experience in sculptural representation of the female body, from Paleolithic art, Archaic art, Renaissance, Picasso, More, Slavic native art, all collected into authentic sculptural handwriting. For the purpose of the project “Venus of Jale”, the author’s sculptures are transferred into the media of 3D animation, with aim to copperhand this modeling method of animation and to explore the relation between sculpture and 3D graphics, their similarities, differences and influences.


Venus of Jale / Animatic:

Nezni Dalibor – Zauvek (Animirani muzički video)

Priča je smeštena u distopijsku budućnost, u nepoznatom gradu u kom zla ND korporacija teroriše grad, a devojka Aleks pokušava da ih sabotira izazivajući havariju u glavnoj elektrani.

Ekipa koja radila na spotu:

Dragan Jovanović – crtež, 3D modeling i animacija

Davor Sopić – scenario, montaža i režija

Vladan Djiri Vasiljević– animacija, 3D modeling, motion graphics i vizuelni efekti

Aleksandra Radovič – model

Spot je radjen u 3D i 2D tehnici, a korisceni programi su: 3D Max, Nuke, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop i Premiere.