Pig On the Hill short film by Crater Studio won Animago Award


“The Pig on the Hill”

Produced by Lightstream Animation Studios
Co-Produced by Crater Studio
Jamy Wheless, director/executive producer
John Helms, director/executive producer
Pierce Brosnan, narrator
Petar Jovovic, vfx supervisor
Milovan Mladenovic, vfx executive producer
John Kelly, story
Matthew Wilder, music

Crater Studio has just returned from Munich after attending Animago award and conference 2019, where the short animated film “The Pig on the Hill” won the first prize in the short film category.

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When Pig’s free-spirited, rambunctious new neighbor, Duck, plunges himself into Pig’s quiet, orderly life, Pig learns that having friends is what he has been missing all along.


About The Film

Based on London author John Kelly’s beloved children’s book, “The Pig on the Hill” is heart-warming story about next door neighbors who are worlds apart. Living in the whimsical mountaintop community of Topton, Pig very much enjoys his solitude and silence. In every direction, an expansive, gorgeous view of the surrounding mountains and waterways, with no neighbors as far as the eye can see. One day, however, Duck shows up and zealous about the amazing location, he decides to build a home right next door, causing an awful ruckus as he installs a water slide, swimming pool, palm trees, and outdoor sound system. Pig tries to ignore the disruption to his sanctuary, wearing noise-canceling headphones and busying himself with his daily routine. But Duck’s ebullient presence has forever upset the rhythms of Pig’s organized life.


Crater Studio and Lightstream Animation Studios (LSA) have been partners and collaborators on many VFX, film and animation projects since 2010. It was a great honor to have Mr. Pierce Brosnan as the narrator and a promoter and supporter of the whole project.


We spent almost three years in the making of this little gem. We were coming back to it every time we were free from the ongoing commercial projects. That had its own benefits, as we had some extra time to rethink some of the details. In general pipeline worked well. John and Jamy from LSA were taking care of animation scenes and were fantastic visual consultants. All look development, lighting, compositing and some animation took place in Crater Studio with all creative freedom given. We used Maya – Houdini – Nuke pipeline. Textures were produced in Mudbox. We rendered all shots in Arnold, and composited in Nuke. The aim was to have the best possible beauty renders, so the minimal touches are done in compositing. In order to achieve that artists in Crater Studio spent a considerable amount of time in light & ldev stages of the process. Compositing served to unveil Crater Studio’s artists’ hard work in full color & glory.

Awards as of November 2019



Produced by Lightstream Animation Studios
Co-Produced by Crater Studio
Jamy Wheless, director/executive producer
John Helms, director/executive producer
Pierce Brosnan, narrator
John Kelly, story
Matthew Wilder, music
Milovan Mladenovic, vfx executive producer
Petar Jovovic, vfx supervisor
Douglas Kay, executive producer
Rohin Malhotra, managing director
Michael Carney, executive producer
Mitch Yellen, executive producer
Brendan Gottlieb, animator
Dragana Mandic, animator
Elissa Peterson, animator
Dennis Lai, animator
Jun Park, animator
Hans Tsai, animator
Ricardo Lua, animator
Mario Orlando, animator
Bryant Wu, animator
John Kelly, art director
Zoran Cvetkovic, art director
Matt Gaser, art director
Nikola Ilic, vfx artist
Maksim Ljubenkovic, vfx artist
Miroslav Uzunovic, vfx artist
Jin Bae, modeller
Vaughn Smith, modeller
Lenora Acidera, modeller
Ivan Aleksic, lighting/texturing artist
Goran Lakic, lighting/texturing artist
Milena Radovic, lighting/texturing artist
Aleksandar Babic, lighting/texturing artist
Vladimir Jankovic, lighting/texturing artist
Dejan Vladisavljevic, lighting/texturing artist
Vladimir Corluka, lighting/texturing artist
Katarina Radic, lighting/texturing artist
Jovana Vulevic, lighting/texturing artist
Cassandra Bakic, production manager
Amy Palladino, production manager
Milena Niciforovic, production coordinator
Ivana Mitrovic, production coordinator
Sergey Berengard, rigging artist
Diego Garnica, rigging artist
Dave Sidley, rigging artist
Bogdan Amidzic, compositor
Matija Koraksic, compositor
Zivan Petricevic, compositor
Vladan Djiri Vasiljevic, compositor
Tamara Dinic, compositor
Zoran Mitrovic, compositor
Luka Plecas, compositor
Vladimir Jankovic, compositor
Nikola Novakovic, compositor
Milos Randjelovic, compositor
Nikola Vucenovic, compositor
Brandon Douglas, vfx editor
Eli Yellen, vfx editor
Srdjan Latinovic, vfx editor
Suzie Katayama, music conductor
Tereza Stanislav, concert master violinist
Sara Andon, musicians
Donald Foster, musicians
Erika Duke-Kikpatrick, musicians
Michael Lang, musicians
Songa Lee, musicians
Neil Samples, musicians
Zachary Dellinger, musicians
Steve Genewick, musicians
Victor Lawrence, musicians
Joel Pargman, musicians
David Stone, musicians
Joel Derouin, musicians
Gerardo Hilera, musicians
Jennifer Takamatsu, musicians
Tom Lea, musicians
Caryn Rasmussen, musicians
Armen Ksajikian, musicians
Edie Boddicker, vocalist
David Loucks, vocalist
Baraka May Williams, vocalist
Luke Edgemon, vocalist
Antoinette Scruggs, vocalist
Nathan Nance, sound design
Skywalker Sound

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