3Lateral is looking for Character Rigger

3Lateral develops innovative technologies and has established position in gaming industry as a pioneer in digitizing human form and allowing actors and players to be immersed in virtual worlds where anything is possible. We have a long list of successful AAA projects behind us, all focused on high quality characters where major developers and publishers worldwide have assigned 3Lateral with a key role in setting the pipeline and executing projects such as: Marvel Spiderman, Electronic Arts Star Wars Battlefront II, Battlefield I, Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto IV and V together with many other titles.  In addition to digital humans, 3Lateral has expanded activities to high quality creatures and characters, muscle and tissue simulations, motion tracking and retargeting, 3D and 4D scanning of both body and face, electronics and scanning hardware development and many other areas of research but all focused to enhancing representations of life in digital medium.

If you are passionate for creating CG characters, familiar with Autodesk Maya and have good skin weight painting skills, you may consider joining our team at a position of

Character Rigger

(Junior/ Medior/ Senior)

Job description:

    • Design, create and develop character rig systems that enable animators the full range of motion
    • Create and develop custom rigging tools and scripts to streamline the process
    • Integrate rig in pipeline cycle and delivers the rig to the animators or clients
    • Efficiently collaborate with modeling department to meet the highest technical requirements and with production department to meet the timeline requirements


    • Familiar in working with the Autodesk Maya
    • Good skin weight painting skills
    • Python or Mel scripting
    • Basic knowledge of anatomy for bipeds, skeletons and muscles

It is important to be analytical and have an artistic skill, creativity and visual problem-solving skill, be focused on details in finishing of assets.

We offer vibrant and multidisciplinary atmosphere where, regardless of position, any team member can interact with people with different skill set and learn from other team members. Our partnership with Epic Games also provides a rich set of “special projects” where both companies are trying to push the boundaries of what is possible in interactive medium and impress the whole industry.

The job is in our cozy offices in Novi Sad in collaboratively and friendly working environment. We offer competitive compensation plan and 12 – months employment contract with the possibility of converting it to permanent employment.

If you are interested, please send both your CV and rigging reel until the 26th of October 2018 at office@3lateral.com


Project Alchemist Video: Behind the Scenes with Josip Vrandecic

My Background

I’ve graduated from the University of Applied Arts (Photography) in Belgrade, Serbia. Not long after that, I got my first job and started my career working for several local game studios. It has been a great 6 years now, and I am looking forward to the next great experience.

I had the honor of working and contributing on some amazing game titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Battlefield 1, Batman: Arkham VR, Unreal Engine: A Boy and his Kite, Scorn, and many others yet to be released. Also, I had great pleasure working for some awesome commercials and VR projects for clients such as Adidas, Marina Abramovic, and many others.

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Josh Parks – Make a VFX Portfolio Website In Under An Hour – A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE

guest post by: Josh Parks

Visit his website Compositing Pro  for many tips and tricks for success in the VFX industry.



Every VFX artist needs a portfolio, to ensure that recruiters have a way to find all the information about you. It can be extremely simple looking and take very little time to setup a professional looking site.


Before we start, let’s cover a few key website terms:

  • Domain Name: This is the address that you type in to get to your website. They are typically ‘www.something.com’. For instance, my domain name is www.joshparks.co.uk If you want a domain name, you don’t buy it. Instead, you register it for a period of time. Generally by paying a yearly fee. If you don’t renew your domain name when the time period expires someone else can register it. For the purpose of this article, we don’t really need to worry about this as most hosting comes with a free domain name. As long as you keep paying for your hosting you will keep your domain.


  • Hosting: Is what we call the physical place where your website is stored. Most websites are stored on a computer in a big warehouse along with thousands of other websites. All connected to the internet with a superfast internet connection. These computers are called servers, and you rent them through a host. I use Bluehost both this site and my portfolio, it costs only $3.95 a month.


  • Portfolio Platform: This is what actually runs your website. Gone are the days when you had to program a website from scratch in HTML. Now you just install wordpress with a few clicks and your website is up and running.


  • Theme: This is what your site actually looks and feels like. It is an add-on to your blogging platform that makes your website pretty and unique. There are hundreds of themes out there, including free and paid-for ones.


  • Plugins: These are extra things you can install on top of the portfolio platform to make your website better. They are built by third-party developers and once again there are free and paid for ones.

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Animation – Artistic and technical approach by Kostadin Martic

Everything that is needed from artistic and technical knowledge in order to do the animation professionally and with teamwork sense. Lecture held by Kostadin Martić, co-founder of Spring Onion Studio and Animation Lead, in VFX Crater Training Center during CGA Warm-up . The video is really dynamic and worth watching!

CGA Warm-up – How to break into VFX industry with Andrew Brassington

Following the CGA2017 and in preparation for the CGA2018, Crater Training Center was hosting the two days CGA Warm-up event on 11th and 12th of May with 9 presenters and 14 talks in Belgrade and Novi Sad, including the screening of a SF movie Ederlezi Rising

VFXSerbia had an honour to talk to Andrew Brassington, one of the presenters on CGA Warm-up, coming from Escape studios, the industry known school for visual effects. Find out about how is it to work and strive in the VFX industry in Andrew’s talk at CGA Warm up event.

Head of Strategic Projects sounds important, who is Andrew Brassington?
Ha! Yes – it sounds more important than it actually is! It basically means I look at a variety of things for Escape Studios that aren’t automatically within someone else’s remit and at the moment that includes Talent Development, facilitating External Projects, Industry Outreach and Apprenticeships
Can you tell our readers a bit about Escape Studios?
Escape Studios has been leading the way in education for the creative industries for over 15 years, with over thousands of alumni (dubbed ‘Escapees’) who have worked on everything from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Ex Machina, Spectre, Doctor Strange, The Jungle Book and more!

Our students possess raw talent and big aspirations, we offer undergraduate, postgraduate and short courses in Visual Effects (VFX), Game Art, Animation, Motion Graphics and Production. We work directly with creative professionals and some of the world’s biggest studios to design and deliver all our courses.

Our tutors have worked in the industry and have been hand-picked from successful studios; they teach real-world tips and tricks learnt from on-the-job experience. We’re based in the hub of London’s creative scene and students work in an industry-style studio, to get a taste of what it’s like to work in industry!

We boast an impressive list of industry partners including Framestore, The Mill, MPC, DNEG, Creative Assembly, Cinesite, Electric Theatre and JellyFish Pictures (to name just a few!). The industry is extremely fast paced but here at Escape Studios we know our subjects inside out, our industry partners shape everything we do enabling us to always be on the pulse.

How would you describe the VFX industry to someone who would like to get into the VFX?
The VFX industry is an exciting place to work and it needs people with a variety of skills from CG artistry to computer scripting and engineering to production, management and leadership. It is a growing industry and in theory there is a job for anyone who is dedicated and has the right attitude.

VFX industry is constantly evolving, what are the latest changes in the curriculum for the recent VFX graduates?
VR and AR is something we are starting to incorporate into our Games courses and we are hoping to work with a major industry player next year with our 3rd year undergraduate students on their projects.
On the VFX courses we are doing more and more with Houdini and there is also a lot of demand for Hair and Fur simulations these days.

Escape Studios are known for streamlining the process of students moving from studies directly to the core of VFX in London, can you tell us about the collaboration with the industry?
All our our courses are designed with input from our Industry Partners. We have very good and close relationships with many companies in VFX, Games and Animation and we always try to get as much input from them as possible from the design of a course in its initial stages through to having industry visit and mentor our students when they are studying with us on both our Short professional courses and our Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees.

What could our readers expect to hear at your CGA Warm-Up presentation?
I would really like to talk to people about the skills and attributes they need to have beyond their technical and artistic skills to make sure they fit into a company and also the importance of the so called soft skills. I also want people to understand that VFX is a business and not just a hobby!

Could you predict the VFX technology in the next ten years, is it close to the episode of Black Mirror?
It probably everything that people think its going to be……….and more!

As teacher/mentor, what would be your advice to the young artist?
Work hard, share your knowledge with others and be friendly!

Thank you Andrew! We wish you had a nice stay and great time in Belgrade.


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