Mercedes Benz – Stronger Then Time – Modeling car by Digital Asset Tailors

We were approached by nice guys from Sehsucht to help them out with first Mercedes G Class model and with some buildings texturing and shading for the cityscape at night. Back in a first G Class time there was no technology for CAD files so we took care of a newer G Class version CAD data, remodeling most of it to match first G Class model ever. Continue reading


A Visual Effects Artist Made This Epic Video to Sell His Old Car

Israeli visual effects artist Eugene Romanovsky wanted to sell his old 1996 Suzuki Vitara SUV, so he created this out-of-this-world 2-minute video to advertise its qualities. The ad shows the car zipping around in ordinary landscapes before appearing in famous movies and on the moon.

“#BuyMyVitara – Suzuki Vitara ’96 for sale,” Romanovsky writes. “With deep sorrow selling my little beast…”

In case you’d like to hire his skills rather than buy his car, he serves as the VFX supervisor at the Tel Aviv, Israel-based creative group Gravity.


Source: PetaPixel

Aquafina by Open Studio

Open Studio hosted Aquafina TVC full production in Belgrade for its Middle East client. Open Studio VFX and production team and director Zoran Krstić had great support of DOP Milan Tvrdišić, line producer Uroš Stanković(Tunafish Studio) and whole local crew and cast, to achieve an excellent production. Agency was very happy with the result and more projects are expected to come to Belgrade.

Marvel Super Hero Mashers Avengers vs. Ultron HD

[vimeo 129761600 w=800 & h=680]

Agency: GREY NY
Production: Nice Shoes |
Director/Creative Director: Harry Dorrington |
Executive producer: Geraint Owen |
Producers: Nancy Giandomenico |
Post-Production/CG/Compositing: DIGITALKRAFT |
Inhouse Supervisor/VFX Producer: Ivan Pribicevic |
Nikola Vulovic |
Djordje Ilic |
Marko Milasinovic |
Ana Pakljanac |
Branko Mandic |
Predrag Sanader |
Djordje Nagulov |
Ognjen Stankovic |