Maiden Swifter than Horses (Animated Short)

Go Hektik Studio designed a  2D animation short that tells a universal story of ideal beauty. The film is going to be submitted to different regional and European animation festivals. This grand adventure about a pursuit of beauty is based on the old Serbian national tale. However, it is not illustrated with national characteristics as expected from this type of animated short film, but in a very poetic fairytale-style. Maiden Swifter than Horses was preserved from oblivion almost two centuries ago by Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic.

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How We Killed The Green Screen (Short film)

But, green screen is great tool, right? Not for one filmmaker.

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Pogledi zatvorenih očiju | Glances of Closed Eyes – short movie

The film „Glances of Closed Eyes“ shows cases the sense of hearing as an important factor in interacting and communicating in society today. The focus is on blind and visually impaired people who introduce us to their way of life through the help of sound and how sound helps them in their daily lives. It describes their emotions and how they differ from people with sight. „I fell in love at first sound“ (quote taken from interview). How much we listen to each other and what impact it has on our lives and emotions? By just listening can we be frightened, get angry or even fall in love?





Venus of Jale (short animated movie)


Animated short “Venus of Jale” was inspired by sculptures by Ljubodrag Janković Jale, recognized Serbian fine artists, former professor of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. Since the 50’s he is engaged in work on different art forms, including drawing, painting, engraving and sculpting. His sculptures display figures of women. These figures have miraculous appeal, dignity and beauty, in a form which isn’t realistic, but simple and reduced into a composition of harmonic shapes in space. The style and simplicity of forms creates a monumental impression, which is unexpected for such small sculptures. These sculptures have richness of various influences, which seem to wrap all human experience in sculptural representation of the female body, from Paleolithic art, Archaic art, Renaissance, Picasso, More, Slavic native art, all collected into authentic sculptural handwriting. For the purpose of the project “Venus of Jale”, the author’s sculptures are transferred into the media of 3D animation, with aim to copperhand this modeling method of animation and to explore the relation between sculpture and 3D graphics, their similarities, differences and influences.


Venus of Jale / Animatic:

Blomkampov šinjel

Neill Blomkamp je proteklih nekoliko meseci zaintrigirao pojednako filmofile kao i specijaliste za VFX pokretanjem svoje vankuverske producentske kuće Oats Studios u kojoj je počeo da proizvodi kratke filmove sa namerom da na bazi reakcija fanova tako profiliše svoje buduće celovečernje projekte. Blomkampovi kratki filmovi su vrlo brzo privukli veliku pažnju javnosti, ne samo kvalitetom već i inovativnim poslovnim modelom.

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Valerian – Holivud van Holivuda

Jean-Claude Mezieres je 1983. godine napravio ilustraciju za francuski magazin Pilote na kojoj su se Luke Skywalker i Leia iz Star Warsa sreli sa Valerianom i Laureline iz njegovog stripa u baru, okruženi vanzemaljcima koji podsećaju na bića iz oba serijala. Leia ih pozdravlja rečenicom, “Drago mi je što vas vidim!” a Laureline joj odgovara, “Dugo smo mi ovde”. Continue reading