Weather Channel Uses Mixed Reality to Demonstrate the Weather Conditions


The Future Group, the leading augmented reality content and technology provider, will deliver custom immersive mixed-reality experiences for viewers, using The Future Group’s Frontier powered by Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine offers a complete suite of creation tools designed to meet ambitious artistic visions, particularly in the video game industry with games like Fortnite and hyper-reality experiences like Star Wars™: Secrets of the Empire, using the platform.

Since launching award-winning live augmented reality experiences in 2015, The Weather Channel has created an amazing amount of content that allows the network to tell weather stories, explain the atmospheric sciences and help convey important safety and warning messages to viewers. By harnessing the power of advanced, real-time graphics renderings and visual effects with Frontier powered by Unreal Engine, The Weather Channel is further pushing the limits of broadcast presentations for real-time immersive storytelling. Viewers will see towns and local street corners recreated in astonishing detail; meteorologically accurate tornadoes, hurricanes and the devastating effects of storm surge. They will look just as real as the images and video you see in the movies.


“Our immersive mixed reality (IMR) presentations will combine 360 HD video and augmented and virtual reality elements that are driven by real-time data and our expert on-air talent to transport our audience into the heart of the weather, said Michael Potts, Vice President, Design for The Weather Group. “Using The Future Group’s Frontier powered by Unreal Engine for weather broadcasting has never been done before. We are excited to continue our investment in the latest technologies that are not just cutting-edge, but on the bleeding edge of design and science.”

“TFG’s Frontier enhances the amazing capabilities of Epic’s Unreal Engine specifically for broadcast and we are very excited to be pushing the creative boundaries of real-time mixed reality for TV with the Weather Group and Epic,” said Lawrence Jones, Head of North America Operations for The Future Group.


“I am thrilled to be working with the great team at The Weather Group and look forward to creating stunning visual experiences together,” said Rob DeFranco, VP, Sales and Development for The Future Group.

“Unreal Engine’s real-time capabilities will enable powerful new visuals for The Weather Channel, letting their viewers truly see the weather like never before,” said Marc Petit, General Manager of Unreal Enterprise, Epic Games. “Through Unreal Engine, broadcasters will be able to leverage live storm data to create photoreal visual representations of how the weather will affect those on the ground, and continually update the story in real time as conditions evolve. We’re thrilled to work with The Future Group and The Weather Channel in their endeavors to keep viewers safe and informed.”

Source: Unreal Engine


Game Dev Incubator

Razvoj video-igara, pored dobrog tehničkog predznanja, zahteva izuzetnu kreativnost i veliku posvećenost. U momentu dok ovo čitate, veliki broj pojedinaca i razvojnih timova upravo počinje ili nastavlja rad na svojim igrama. Uprkos ogromnom entuzijazmu i uloženom trudu, veliki broj ovih igara nikada neće ugledati svetlost dana – što zbog nedostatka iskustva, što zbog nedostatka resursa.

U sastavu udruženja Serbian Games Association (SGA), kompanije Nordeus, Eipix, Two Desperados, COFA Games i Mad Head Games odlučile su da pokrenu projekat Game Dev Incubator. Cilj projekta je da pomogne svima koji svoju karijeru žele da usmere u pravcu razvoja video-igara, da steknu potrebno znanje, upoznaju druge entuzijaste sličnih interesovanja, demonstriraju svoje veštine, oforme funkcionalne timove i realizuju, a zatim i publikuju svoju prvu igru do kraja 2018. godine.

Projekat Game Dev Incubator će se realizovati u dve faze.

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Interview: Stefan Jevremovic – Realtime Visual Effect artist

Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your beginnings?

Hi, my name is Stefan Jevremovic, born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia. I make Realtime Visual Effect for games.

I was always passionate about art and games. I started playing with LEGO when I was four and playing games on my Commodore 64 when I was six. My beginning was the same as a lot of other digital artists with Windows Paint, then Photoshop. I started self-teaching 3D computer graphics in 1998. mostly for fun. Back then there were no video tutorial and in fact not many tutorials at all. Many I found online had a lot of text and few screenshots, so I had to use a dictionary to translate them.
I also spent a lot of time playing video games. That was the reason I wasn’t improving much with 3D for some time. I was teaching myself 3D until 2006. when I enrolled to the Chiron School for VFX for movies in Belgrade. This time I was learning Autodesk Maya and the courses covered Modeling, Texturing, Rendering, Lighting, basic Rigging and Character Animation. When I finished the courses I had problem deciding on which area of 3D I want to focus and specialize in.
As soon as I finished the university for Business and Management I started getting work as Freelancer focusing on Hard-surface Modeling. Most of the work I got was the leftover project from a friend. After few project I became faster and better and I was working alongside that friend on cinematic trailers for World of Battleships and World of Warplanes.

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The Making of Next-Gen Digital Humans with Andy Serkis by 3Lateral


3Lateral demonstrated its most advanced human-driven digital characters featuring actor Andy Serkis. These characters define new quality frontiers when it comes to lifelike and realistic facial gesticulation and appearance, all rendered in real-time in Unreal Engine. The demo was developed in collaboration with Epic games and revealed during “State of Unreal” opening keynote session on March 21st at the Game Developers Conference 2018.

3Lateral applied its new Meta Human Framework© that merges volumetric capture, reconstruction and compression technology to bring to life breakthrough digital replica of Andy Serkis and his performance. Andy’s performance was then mapped onto 3Lateral’s fictional digital creature, Osiris Black, to demonstrate how the same facial performance can drive two vastly different characters. Continue reading

Epic Games and 3Lateral Introduce Digital Andy Serkis

A stunning development in real-time human-driven digital characters featuring actor Andy Serkis was unveiled during Epic Games’ “State of Unreal” opening session today at the Game Developers Conference.

Unreal Engine’s real-time rendering combined with 3Lateral’s Meta Human Framework© volumetric capture, reconstruction and compression technology brought this breakthrough digital human performance to life. The volumetric data was generated by capturing a series of high-quality, HFR images of Andy Serkis from multiple angles under controlled lighting. 3Lateral’s process involved various capture scenarios, some focused on geometry, some on appearance and others on motion. All of these inputs were applied to generate a digital representation of Andy Serkis, and to extract universal facial semantics that represent muscular contractions that make the performance so lifelike.

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Unreal Engine demo: The Kid – 3Lateral

Yesterday at Game Developer Conference in San Francisco Epic Games announced big news for gaming industry- Unreal Engine is available to everyone for free and all future updates will be free!

Few months ago an inquiry came to us from Epic about possibility of 3Lateral designing and rigging a kid character who would portray child curiosity, confidence and ultimately- freedom. As Epic nicely put it “this is supposed to be the kid that everybody wants to be”. Character would be the only character in the piece which is mainly about environment, however, character would be central to the subtle story which leads to the main message- “IF YOU LOVE SOMETHING, SET IT FREE”. We were, of course, excited about this opportunity and accepted it without hesitation. Below is a result of collaboration with fantastic team at Epic. Continue reading