This summer, leading animation schools in Europe are uniting talents in the mission to create new worlds in Unreal Engine.


Summer of Unreal is a free, four-week boot camp where artists learn practical real-time skills from industry vets. The course is created by Escape Studios in collaboration with Epic Games and backed by five amazing European partners, including Crater Training Center from Belgrade, Serbia.

This is not only the most ambitious free program to date but the largest Unreal Engine training ever created. It is designed to bring together 1000 professionals across Europe.

During the course, you will:

  • Receive 20 days of training—most of it in the morning
  • Get inside tips from people who have built careers with Unreal Engine
  • Gain insights from European studios
  • Learn what makes a project successful
  • Earn exclusive digital badges
  • Work with artists from across Europe
  • Learn from industry seniors who can show you how to maximize the way you use Unreal Engine.

Who can apply:

  • Industry professionals with at least two years of experience working in animation studios or animation projects in any artist role (including Rigging, Layout, Previsualization, Concept Art, Animation, Lighting, and Rendering).
  • VFX and motion graphics artists, producers, and directors eager to introduce Unreal Engine into their workflows.
  • Anybody working in the animation industry who is familiar with 3D content creation tools. Although you need basic knowledge of 3D software, you can be a rookie in Unreal.

The lectures are held online in English by Escape Studios during the course of four weeks, every Monday to Friday, starting from July 26 till August 20, 2021.

Make sure to apply till July 16, 2021!

Escape Studio

Joining Epic Games and Escape Studios in this summer adventure are ArtFX school of animation from France, The Animation Workshop (VIA) from Denmark, La Salle Campus Barcelona from Spain, and Screen Skills Ireland. Finally, Crater Training Center, from Serbia, is responsible for managing the region of Southeast Europe.

For more info, visit Crater Training Center.


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