SIGGRAPH 2017 Demo – Foundry Research: AR/VR Production






The Making of Hallelujah with Lytro Immerge

Hallelujah is a revolutionary virtual reality music performance that reimagines Leonard Cohen’s most well known song. It is the world’s first VR music experience to provide an uncompromised sense of presence with six degrees of freedom (6DoF) using Lytro Immerge technology. Hallelujah is a Within Original, created by Zach Richter, Bobby Halvorson, and Eames Kolar.





Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Virtual Reality

As a lecturer at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš, Serbia (program Electronics/Multimedia technologies), I have thought my students a variety of skills, including adapting the scenes for VR. This is the example of our latest project, a VR scene that I had been doing with my students Nemanja Praščević and Marko Milinković. Our faculty is very big, around 22000m2. Building without foliage contains 374190 faces made in Autodesk Maya and everything else was done in Unreal 4 game engine. FPS is above 90, everything is baked. Continue reading

#DigitalVDay in 360: Experience WWII victory celebrations in RT’s unique panoramic videos

Ever dreamed of riding in a tank or flying a state-of-the-art warplane – let alone those set to be proud members of Moscow’s iconic Victory Day parade? RT is giving its viewers this unique chance with cutting-edge 360-degree videos.

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