REDRAY® is the first 4K Cinema Player to bring ultra high-definition content to your home, business or local theater using internet file based distribution. Capable of playing HD, 3D or 4K media, REDRAY utilizes a 1TB internal drive to store all of your content. Advanced networking and low data rates let you distribute content via FTP transfer or solid-state media. REDRAY makes playback of 4K content as simple as HD – but at 4 times the image quality.

Nothing compares to the ultra high-definition of 4K content and REDRAY brings that immersive visual experience directly to you. More picture information means more detail and 4K resolution brings you closer to your content than ever before. REDRAY provides the clearest image – and choice – for anyone looking for big picture and superior quality.

Advanced RED codec technology generates feature length 4K files small enough to fit on a USB flash drive. With a compressed data rate under 2.5MB/s, you can deliver your 4K content worldwide via OTT media networks at remarkably low cost and high efficiency. Secure encryption is also available to protect your media from unauthorized viewing or duplication. For the first time, distributing 4K content is as simple as HD.

Whether working with 4K RED camera files or HD, REDRAY delivers all of your content in its absolute purest form. While commonly-used distribution systems such as Blu-ray® encode HD content with limited 8-bit 4:2:0 color precision, REDRAY supports 12-bit 4:2:2 precision at 4K resolution – taking the big screen viewing experience to an exciting new level with only a fraction of the storage requirements.

There is nothing like a true 4K 3D experience and REDRAY delivers with playback of 3D media at up to 60 fps per eye in 4K. Whether in a home theater or at the office, REDRAY’s flexible HDMI 1.4 connectors let you leverage the latest 3D and 4K LCD flat panel and projection display technologies.

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