CBS/Chellozone Rebrand Action Channel, Glossy Rey

Novosti iz GlossyRey-a. Odličan render, i materijalizacija projekta. GlossyRey i ovaj put ne razočarava. Pogledajte novi spot za CBS Action.

Our good friends and colleagues from Studio Hansa asked us to create two Idents for CBS Chellozone rebranding campaign they were hired for. By accepting this job we have putted before ourselves challenge that this has to be visually stunning piece that can satisfy the taste for millions of viewers all over the world. Dorothy’s shoes, “Easy Rider” helmet, “ET” bicycle, chair from “Inception”, weapons emerging from military rollercoaster, villain shooting targets …our team embedded heart and soul in every single detail to achieve this goal and still follow original directions we were provided. These where really tiresome three months with lots of nights spent working, but every extra effort was worth it just to see the satisfaction on the faces of people watching the idents for the first time.

Client: CBS/Chellozone
SVP/Creative Director: Andy Kidger
Concept: Studio Hansa
Creative Director: Nick Scott
Exec. Producer: Omar Honigh
Director: Nick Scott
Concept art: Jianran Pan, Henry Peters
Modeling: Nemanja Zivkovic, Marko Bugarski, Jianran Pan, Ivan Radumilo, Stanko Stupar
Animation: Stanko Stupar
VFX / Dynamics / Cloth simulation: Nemanja Zivkovic
Rendering / Texturing: Stanko Stupar, Nemanja Zivkovic
Compositing: Stanko Stupar, Nemanja Zivkovic
Sound Composer: Si Begg

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