JibJab, F is Fun, Glossyrey

GlossyRey i dalje briljira sa još jednim zabavnim 2D animiranim spotom. Svaki put nas obraduju novim sadržajima.

“JibJab contacted us to create this colorful and funny animation for the kids after they saw our “Be a Vegetarian” animation. We were really excited working on this because we don’t get many projects where main goal is to be funny, quirky and goofy. Cute-singing-dancing-cheerful robots what is there not to like especially if you are a kid. It was super-fun working on this one whistling the tune whole day long and at the same time testing puppet rig in different environment. Kids love it!”
Client: JibJab
Concept art / Design: JibJab
Animation:Stanko Stupar
Rigging: Nemanja Zivkovic

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