Nike Hypervenom – Ivan Vasiljević

Polynoid puts some danger back in the clubhouse with snake infested vision within the body of the latest sports shoe. Very much in the vein of Polynoid, there are morphing and creature movements over the product.

“I guess the transformation to the fangs on the bottom of the boot was the most difficult shot technically,” says Fabian Pross from Polynoid Studio in Berlin, “because we had to blend two different geometries and couldn’t just do blendshapes like we did with the lace snakes. Besides that, we were really lucky having Ivan Vasiljevic and the Crater Studio team from Belgrade doing an outstanding job prepping the product model and shading (which we think looks amazing), so everything else was pretty much straight forward.”

Client:Nike Hypervenom

Agency:Wieden+Kennedy Portland
Global Creative Director:Alberto Ponte
Global Creative Director:Ryan O’Rourke
Producer:Jennie Lindstrom
Executive Creative Director:Joe Staples
Executive Creative Director:Susan Hoffman
Executive Producer:Matt Hunnicutt

Animation Production Company:Blacklist
Executive Producer:Andrew Linsk
Producer:Alex Unick

Direction/Creative Direction/Animation:Polynoid
Artists:Heiko Schneck, Roman Kälin, Falko Paeper, Pascal Floerks, Jacob Frey, Mathias Bäuerle, Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck, Fabian Pross, Tom Weber, Sermed Darah, William Tirloy, Sebastian Faber, Ivan Vasiljevic/Crater, Luka Lakic/Crater, Alexa Dodic/Crater, Amit Rojblat, Tim Jockel, Philipp von Preuschen / weareflink

Music Company:WALKER
Composer:Jay Clarke
Music Composer:Sara Matarazzo
Sounddesign Company:Trinitite Inc
Sounddesigner:Brian Emrich
Mix Company:Joint Editorial
Mix:Seth Padgett
Executive Producer:Patty Brebner
Producer:Yamaris Leon
VFX/Online Company:Joint Editorial
Artist:David Jahns
Executive Producer/VFX:Patty Brebner
Producer/VFX:Yamaris Leon

PLND_NHV_04PLND_NHV_07PLND_NHV_09nike_hypervenom PLND_NHV_10PLND_NHV_11


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