Batyoda, Boris Ignjatovic i Sanja Ignjatovic, Short Stop Motion clip

Batyoda, Short Stop-Motion animated clip by Boris Ignjatovic i Sanja Ignjatovic..


  1. With all due respect, this video is done by Boris Ignjatovic and Sanja Ignjatovic. You can see it clearly who uploaded it on Vimeo. Please change the title of the post because Ignjat Jacimovic is not the creator of this Batyoda.

    Sa duznim postovanjem, ovaj video su napravili Boris Ignjatovic i Sanja Ignjatovic. Jasno se to moze videti ko je upload-ovao video na Vimeo. Molim Vas da promenite naslov post-a, jer Ignjat Jacimovic nije kreirao Batyoda.

    Boris Ignjatovic

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