Pink Troubles – Animated Short Film Teaser

Pink Troubles, a short movie by Parasol Island studio.

Pink Troubles started as a short film produced entirely in house to feature our skills in character animation. As the short film was becoming longer and longer, we decided to finish a teaser first. Our own briefing was as short as it was difficult: Let’s do something fun! In case we have succeeded in this – please enjoy!

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Production Company: Parasol Island

Heads of Animation: Philip Hansen & Philippe Stalla

Director: Dino Figuera

Lead Character Animator: Dino Figuera

Head of VFX: Paul Dreisen

Concept Art: Charles Bals & Simon Kopp

Lead Modeling : Bardia Afchar

Modelers: Dino Figuera & Leo Quensel & Khoi Nguyen

Texturing: Bardia Afchar & Luca Fiorentini & Wilfried Kaiser

Lead Lighting TD : Paul Dreisen

Rigging TD: Robert Joosten & Dino Figuera

Additional Lighting and Rendering: Bardia Afchar & Kay Poprawe

Effects TD: Leo Quensel

Compositing: Jonas Uebelin & Gregory Chalenko

Grading: Charles Bals & Fabian Grodde

Original Music: Jonathan Wulfes

Character Voices: Santiago Ziesmer

Voice Recording – Hesse Studios

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