Highly Suspect – Lydia

This is in fact a one-take, 5-min video, shot entirely underwater. There are no cuts and the woman on screen is actually holding her breath.

However unsettling, this experiential project was carefully created with the intention of rolling a single-take in a single-location, with one character facing a dire, life-or-death situation. If you can make it to the end, the unbroken nature of the sequence enables the action on screen to come alive. Focusing on real sensations and emotions associated with love and its loss, in any form, our exploration was in seeking to create just that, real feelings. We’ll leave it to you to decide how this moves you, we only ask that you take note that it has… you’re probably not alone. This is the power of cinema.

The athletic feat of our talent, world champion freediver, Marina Kazankova, is 100% authentic. It took us a few years, meeting new aquatic friends within the underwater freediving community, to eventually find these fine people and field-experts who made this concept come to life.


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