Reel from my work on the second series of Mr Bean: The Animated Series at Tiger Aspect. The first series was hand drawn in the early 2000s, and this series (produced in 2014/15) matched the style of the first but used a digital vector workflow using the “Vectrinsic” Path system in CelAction 2D.

My role was to provide Rigging, Design and Layout using CelAction 2D, Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.
In the reel above all the props and characters were designed by the Art Direction dept. My job was to translate those designs into CelAction and rig them. All characters were based on the Mr Bean rig developed by Studio 43.

For props I used “3D Extruder” and “Create 3D Shapes” scripts from to add depth to Illustrator artwork, and wrote custom CelAction scripts to automate Layout and Animation tasks.

For the showreel itself I used “Amortype” from, and “Time Offset Animation” and “Ease & Wizz” from Music by

For more information please visit James Butler’s CelAction tutorials. 


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