Pukotina / The Crack by Emilija Gasic

A psychological horror set in contemporary Belgrade, Serbia. Inspired by a short story ’’The Tell-Tale Heart’’ by Edgar Allan Poe.

Made with the help of The Academy of Arts in Belgrade in 2013.

28:38, HD, color, 2013.

cast: Luka Tabasevic, Tanasije Uzunovic, Nikolina Maric,
Dobrila Cirkovic

directed by Emilija Gasic
written by Emilija Gasic, Nevena Stanic
produced by Dusan Djokovic, Emilija Gasic
cinematography by Uros Milutinovic
production design by Maja Djuricic
sound design by Dora Filipovic
edited by Matija Latinovic
music by Dimitrije Cvetkovic

Official selections:
FFHN film festival in Montenegro, 2013.
Serbian Fantasy Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia, 2013.
Early Bird Film Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2013.
Access Code Film Festival, Bangalore, India, 2014.
Brooklyn Underground Film Festival, New York, USA, 2015.
Student Art Festival, Goldenrod, Florida, 2015.


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