CG Folio Aims to Become a Global Directory of CG Artists

CG Folio, a directory of computer graphics professionals, opened its doors to studios and artists worldwide in an attempt to make the connection between the two a lot easier. The website aims to alleviate the pain associated with finding good talent fast by providing an in-depth, searchable directory of CG people around the globe.

The site was created by Mirko Jankovic, a seasoned CG professional, and Peter Vukovic, a web designer and engineer with agency background and Silicon Valley ties. It launched with some big names in the CG industry, including Jason Stambollian, a compositing artist in Game of Thrones, and Hasan Bajramovic, a character modeler for Blur studio.

“If you ever worked as a studio manager, you’ll know how difficult it is to find the right person fast to get the project delivered in time. You only know a handful of freelancers that can do the job and it’s highly unlikely they can take the work immediately. CG Folio aims to make that process easier by offering you access to hundreds of freelancers that match your exact criteria and are available to work when you need them. “ – explained Mirko.

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The site offers simple but rich search filters that allow you to target people by skills, software, availability and location, then view their best work. Good candidates can be saved for later review using the Picks feature and contacted via email.

“We’ve kept the product intentionally simple. You can find the right people very fast, and get in touch with them.That’s really about all you can do on CG Folio, and we think that’s really powerful. “ – explained Peter Vukovic, who designed and coded the site himself.

In its first few days of operation, CG Folio attracted the attention of some very high profile artists who had a very positive feedback on the ease of use and simplicity of the site. A few of them are involved in making plans for future updates and improvements.

The site is currently expanding its directory and is inviting CG professionals around the world to get listed and showcase their work free of charge.
About CG Folio

CG Folio is a directory of CG professionals worldwide. With simple and easy to use search functions, the site allows studio managers and agencies to find the CG talent they need very fast so they can complete their projects faster. Artists can create their listing in the directory for free, and showcase their best work. The site is located at
For further information please contact:

Peter Vukovic
Co-Founder / Lead Developer

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