Ederlezi Rising – Official Trailers

Ederlezi Rising is an exciting science fiction story set in near future about the pioneering space mission to Alpha Centauri undertaken by the multinational Ederlezi Corporation.

Ederlezi recruits Milutin, a Slav cosmonaut trained in the newly reformed futuristic Soviet Union and accompanies him with Nimani, a female android programmed to fulfill whatever Milutin desires. Bored by an endless succession of different sexual games and pre-programmed behaviors,

Milutin decides to reboot Nimani and make her work only based on custom settings generated from her experiences with him. That way he turns her into something closest to a person that an android can ever become. However, upon becoming a person, Nimani gets depressed and destructive. Milutin realizes that Nimani may not only jeopardize their mission but also lead to selfdestruction.

Directed by  Lazar Bodroža
Cinematography by Kosta Glušica

VFX supervisors: Vladan Djurić, Ivan Milanović, Vuk Tatalović

VFX by Primer Studio and Fried Pictures

VFX Art Direction by Metaklinika studio

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