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For all, you Marvel fans out there – check out our brand new #AntManandtheWasp #VFX #breakdown reel in our #20YearsOfDNEG series. As the lead vendor, DNEG’s work ranged from the development of signature FX looks for hero characters and events, through character animation and environment work, to the full range of VFX mayhem that was required for the car chase.


Rodeo – Visual Effects Company

The bulk of our 132 shots for Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp feature all the sequences where Hank Pym’s lab shrinks and grows from the size of a suitcase to a full-sized building, as well as the surrounding disturbances that our team created with FX simulations.

We also worked on environment extensions for the film, such as adding CG sequoias to a Georgian forest, and our team had a lot of fun creating and animating a CG pigeon who refuses to leave on Pym’s suitcase-sized lab.

One of our favourite sequences is the destruction scene at San Francisco’s Pier 41. As Pym’s lab suddenly grows back to its regular building size, it destroys everything around it from the ground to trees, benches and newsstands. This sequence was an exciting challenge for our artists who created all the destruction.


Cinesite once again united with Marvel Studios to help visualise the unimaginable for Ant Man & the Wasp, a Marvel Cinematic Universe feature directed by Peyton Reed.

In a project spanning eight months Cinesite’s Montreal team delivered six key VFX sequences in the film. One of the main aspects of the team’s work was bringing the super-sized trap-jaw ants to life in Dr Hank Pym’s laboratory where they are assisting the scientist in his secret refuge in a disused building in Oakland.
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Ant-Man and the Wasp Making Of featurette


Main-on-End Title Sequence by Elastic



Luma Pictures

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