Being a student of visual effects isn’t easy. With the industry moving so fast and developments coming every day, you can never know for sure if your work is up to the mark.

But – we can help!

There is no better way to see how well you’re doing than to have a serious talk with a pro.

So, CGA Belgrade is giving 10 STUDENTS OF VISUAL EFFECTS the chance to meet their local professional heroes and sit down for a REEL REVIEW session in one of its partner studios.


1. Register for attending the conference. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do that here
2. Sign up for the contest by filling out this form
3. Wait for your name to be called at the closing ceremony of CGA on Saturday, November 16

We wish you all good luck – and may the luckiest student win!

Once again, November becomes the month of computer graphics, as CGA Belgrade hosts its two-day journey through the latest news, trends and developments in the VFX industry. We have worked especially hard this year to expand our main program, which we are proud to announce will feature two separate tracks! For big-picture thinking and groundbreaking ideas, make sure to look for the Know It All sign. For hands-on training and insider tips & tricks, don’t miss the Know How stage.

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