FMX 2019 – Trailers created by Animationinstitut students

The FMX trailers are traditionally created by students of Animationsinstitut (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg) in their third year of study.

In 2019, FMX will release four different trailers for the first time. Each of the areas named in the FMX subtitle  – Animation, Effects, Games and Immersive Media – will be represented with their own trailers, each of them unique in technique, style, and story.

FMX 2019 Effects Trailer – Wonderful World

The full CG film blurs the lines between dystopia and idyll, reality and virtuality.

Director: Arne Hain | Producer: Josephine Ross | Technical Director: Denise Hoffmann | Concept/Design: Sandra Süsser | Visual Artist: Maximilian Auer | Visual Effects: Lucas Bruchhage | Modeling: Elias Kremer | Film Music: Dominik Matzka | Sounddesign: Marco Schnebel


FMX 2019 Animation Trailer – Cat Planets

CatPlanets takes us into a cat universe, telling the story of what happens if cats don’t get their way. As a girl refuses her cat a snack, she gets beamed into another galaxy, ruled by giant cats. Will the girl make her way safely through the chaotic universe and finally bring order to the whole cat mess?

Director: Yi Luo Concept | Design: Tobias Pinegger | Animation: Patrik Knittel | Technical Directing: Paulo Morato Scatena | Producer: Lukas Ritter | Animation-/VFX-Producer, Co-Director: Michael Bohnenstingl


FMX 2019 Immersive MediaTrailer – Tiefenrausch

A diver dares to swim deep down to the bottom of the ocean. At the ground the world around her suddently changes dramatically. What happened?

Animation Director: Marvin Sprengel | Cinematography: Jan Fabi | Concept/Design: Monja Dietrich | Technical Directing: Enzio Probst | Animation: Lukas Von Berg | Animation/VFX Producing: Vincent Waltan | Art Director: Johannes Kammerer | Film Music: Andreas Pfeiffer | Sounddesign: Nicolas Kaiser, Paul Powaljaew | Actor/ Protagonist: Lea Kirn

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