Darko Markovic Darmar – Motiovaciono predavanje na Game Up 2019 (Video in Serbian)

Darko Markovic, alias Dar-Mar, is a Serbian 3D concept designer with a huge experience in cars, industrial products and game/movie design. Selected between many designers, he obtained the Lamborghini scholarship in Milano, Italy, where he completed his master’s degree. Upon graduation, he worked for one year as a car designer. He was considered  a major talent in the design industry, but unfortunately, he had to leave car design due to the passport problems that third world country citizens usually have. This would make most people quit, but Dar-Mar didn’t. He became more determined to succeed in this industry and it only made him work harder and lead him to win the Artstation challenge in 2016. Since then he is a well-known name in the industry of design. Some of his clients were Atomhawk design, Mathematics Studio, Alliance Studio and producers of USA/Australia upcoming Hollywood titles, etc.

Addition to his talk at GAME UP.  We had a great opportunity to speak with Darko.

Find more about Darko in  VFXSerbia interview.


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