Lightstep Chronicles Cinematic by Spring Onion Studio

“Two years ago we were approached by one of the biggest game production companies in the region – Eipix Entertainment. They were developing a massive new game, and wanted us to do a very important cinematic for it. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into it, and as you can see the result is great. With this game Eipix reached a new level when it comes to game cinematics, game style and game play. Lightstep Chronicles is a dark, sci-fi text-based adventure set on an alien vessel with an insane AI as your captor. Sounds very interesting right? Our part was to deliver the story which comes before it. To create an atmosphere where the ship landed, specialized units which discovered it, and the complete action of revealing the alien ship. What happens after that… well you need to download the game and play it. 🙂 What we learned from this massive project – that you can always reach new goals. That the 3D industry is practically unlimited, skills which you gain in advertising can be implemented in the gaming industry too. That variety of projects really impact our team positively – expanding our pipeline tools in the process. The game Lightstep Chronicles was accepted for funding as part of European Union’s Creative Europe – Media programme.”

Ivan Pavlovic – Co-Owner and CEO at Spring Onion Studio

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