Adobe Mixamo Characters- Concept and Development breakdown by Spring Onion Studio


We’re thrilled to share a series of behind the scenes moments of our work for Adobe-Mixamo last year. Our task was to design, model, sculpt and texture 50 unique characters for the Mixamo platform. The newly updated website of Mixamo is now enriched with our carefully conceptualized characters, from creatures to humanoid models in various shapes and looks. This kind of project showed us once again that character development is something that we enjoy doing the most, especially when we see how our characters are used by other creatives across the world.


This is the first time we were able to interactively have fun with our characters, by picking different poses and animations on the mixamo website, which led us to create a teaser video and see how fast working with Mixamo animations is.

But the best way to showcase the heart and soul of these characters is to let them tell their own story, so we created the short film “FLOAT.”

This project for Adobe once again proved to us that our pipeline for character design and development is well defined, allowing us to fully merge ourselves into a creative flow.

Complete project on Behance:

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