Crater Studio is looking for a Junior Python Developer

Junior Python Developer job


Crater Studio is looking for a Junior Python Developer to join the studio technical team.

Job Description

Help design, develop, and maintain core pipeline applications and services used by departments throughout the production of VFX/Animation and Game development projects.

Areas of Focus

Production and review pipeline, asset tracking services, software environment management and software integration. These systems are the building blocks essential for supporting and tracking all processes involved with asset management and data creation.


• BS/MS in Computer Science or an equivalent degree;
• 2+ years of experience with Python;
• Prior experience in VFX, Games, or related industry is a plus;
• Strong communication skills including the ability to interface with both developers and artists;
• A passion for creative problem solving.


• Experience with GUI frameworks (PyQt, PySide);
• Prior work with REST API, DB and web stacks;
• Skills and experience with Maya API, Nuke, Adobe Suite, Shotgun;
• Experience or interest in development of user-facing APIs;
• Appreciation for test writing and debugging;
• A positive attitude, particularly toward learning and sharing;
• Ability to work in a group as well as operate in a self-directed capacity;
• Ability to perform in a fast-paced, time constrained environment.

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