Art Bully Productions is looking for Animators


Job: Animators

Art Bully Productions is seeking to hire an experienced 3D Animator to work at our studio in Belgrade Serbia.

At Art Bully, you will have an opportunity to be part of a talented team environment that tackles fresh new projects often. We work on a range of video games, delivering high quality 3D animations in various styles for multiple genres. Our 3D animations includes everything from rough outs, polished animations, cinematics, and posing.


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As an animator at Art Bully you will be responsible for working with our growing the animation team both in-house and overseas to conceive, prototype, execute and implement animations for our clients.

  • Demonstrate talent working with both key frame and motion capture animation.
  • Collaborate with designers and artists to craft expressive movement, capturing the spirit of the character, be it a human, creature, or mechanical devise.
  • Pre-visualize and iterate upon animations to fine tune them for great game-play experience, as well as to look awesome.

Skills & Requirements

Who we are looking for:

Demonstrate a strong understanding of animation principles and production art pipeline. The ability to work collaboratively and communicate with multiple teams. Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment. Strong work ethic and communication skills. Open to direction and feedback, embrace change. Strong understanding of game animation creation and implementation, especially for human and creature movement. 2+ years of industry experience is a plus. However, we would be willing to consider you for hire if your demo reel and art test impresses us.

  • Experience in Maya is a must.
  • Experience in 3ds Max is welcome, but not a necessity.
  • Having working knowledge of Unreal Engine 4. Getting your animations imported into the engine is a must.
  • Having working knowledge of Unity is welcome, but not a necessity.
  • Experience with Rigging and Skinning Meshes.
  • Have a relevant portfolio demonstrating and showcasing game animation examples, especially realistic human and creature’s motions.
  • Demonstrable realistic human, creature and mechanical animation skills.


Please send your CV and portfolio to:

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