Crater Studio is looking for a Maya TD

We are looking for Maya expert to join our team as Maya Technical Director.


Job Description

Maya Technical Director ideally should be a Maya expert. Maya TD will provide support related to Maya, scene layout, tracking, matchmoving, rigging, animation, modeling, lighting, dynamics, simulations, and will implement new tools and processes for a particular vfx or animation project or department.


• Support and lead a team of modelers, animators, lighters and texture artists and work with other department leads to ensure shots are delivered to the highest standard and deadlines are met in an effective and efficient manner;
• Assist artists in troubleshooting project and pipeline related issues;
• Work closely with the VFX Supervisor, department leads, coordinators and producers to implement, maintain and improve the production pipeline;
• Assist in training and mentoring entry level and junior staff;
• Reports to the VFX Supervisor.


• Strong working knowledge of Maya is a must.
• Strong understanding of the CG production process
• Exceptional communication and organizational skills and good problem-solving skills, both technical and artistic
• Ability to multitask, work under pressure, ability to teach/mentor, establish priorities, work independently or in a group, delegate tasks and work with minimal supervision.
• Good written and spoken English language communication skills are an advantage.


• Production experience in scene layout, rigging, animation, lighting, dynamics
• MEL/Python scripting experience

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