Crater’s Education Programs for Film and Games Gained National Recognition

For about a decade, Crater Training Center has been introducing young talents to the world of digital graphics. Now, their education programs have been crowned with accreditation by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.

Modular education in Crater Training Center is designed to follow current trends in the creative industries in every aspect. The programs are created as a combination of specific courses that meet the requirements of the current labor market and prepare students for attractive positions in the film and video game industry, but also in advertising, architecture, and other creative fields.

As of this year, their educational offer includes two programs accredited by the Ministry’s Agency for Qualifications.

Through a variety of courses, 3D Character and Organic Modeling teaches students to design three-dimensional characters and other living creatures. Thanks to this program, participants will gain valuable skills in this highly regarded digital craft.

In another accredited program, Technical Art in Unreal Engine, students are trained to work in one of the most attractive software for creating interactive content. Since Crater Training Center has supported and organized several educational initiatives in Unreal Engine, the accreditation of this program seemed like a logical step forward.

The course present in most educational programs is 3D Essentials, a course that clearly stands out as a fan favorite. This course offers an excellent base for further specializations in the field
of computer graphics, and in addition to technical skills, participants are given detailed insight and first-hand advice from seniors in the computer graphics industry. After completing the 3D
Essentials course, students usually opt to further specialize for jobs in video game art and post-production. On the other hand, some of them turn to video design. Precisely for these reasons,
Crater’s team has expanded their offerings by several new courses, but also through career counseling programs, mentoring, internships, and special education initiatives.

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