Interview with Main Road|Post

 Main Road|Post is Moscow based a visual effects production studio. Studio produced visual effects for Attraction, Duelist, August. Eighth, Metro, Stalingrad, Wanted, Winter Olympic Sochi 2014 Opening, Ghost. Our interlocutors are: Arman Yahin – CEO, Mikhail Lesin – CTO, Andrey Maximov – Attraction VFX supervisor, Dmitry Kuznetsov – Attraction VFX supervisor.


Can you tell us more about Main Road|Post? 

Arman Yahin: Main Road Post began in 2006 as a team of six. Today we have about 60 artists and plan to expand significantly by the end of the year. Our team provides VFX for movies, mostly for the biggest Russian projects. Stalingrad was our breakthrough work, which made us prominent among the global VFX community. This year we have decided to change our management style and turn to Scrum, which made us separate the whole company into small, versatile teams. Continue reading


Made you look: how marketing artists get games to grab you

Creating high-end marketing art for mobile

Truly great marketing art in the mobile games industry is the result of a brilliant narrative complemented by a large dose of technical prowess. Its job is to convey the essence of the game and instantly capture people’s attention, and to do so in such a way that compels them to start playing.

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Intensive Houdini course in Belgrade

Serbia Film Commission and Crater VFX Training Center have designed this intensive 5 day course with SideFX to empower VFX artists and their skills in creating dynamic simulations with Houdini. The total of 30 hours of effective training will answer variety of aspects, protocols, workflows and real time examples from rigid bodies to FX and fluids. Lead instructor from Lost Boys Studio, Vancouver and certified SideFX instructor Andrew Lowell is conducting the course in Belgrade.

November 13-17, 2017, Belgrade

Location: Crater VFX Training Center, Knicaninova 3, Belgrade 


Knowledge requirements: general 3D knowledge and FX interest/knowledge

Course organizers are providing all necessary equipment, software, course materials, refreshments and lunches throughout the week. All course participants will need to send their CV and portfolio/reel for a short review prior to the course at the email posted in the application form.


Number of attendees: maximum 12

Language: English

Total number of training hours 30.

Intermediate to advance level of artist experience.


More information about course:


About the lecturer:

Andrew Lowell

Andrew’s CG experience includes Houdini film effects at studios such as Rhythm and Hues, Ring of Fire, CIS Vancouver, Animal Logic and Digital Domain. Andrew’s teaching credentials include teaching college classes in 3D graphics, teaching classes for Sidefx, FXPHD, CG Masters. He is now FX Department Head and Lead Instructor at Lost Boys School of Visual Effects in Vancouver. He is also the author of a book on music and animation with Houdini. Andrew’s personal interests deal with the interaction of visual and sonic perception. Houdini is his primary application because of it’s audio features and unique abilities with visual effects.

Blomkampov šinjel

Neill Blomkamp je proteklih nekoliko meseci zaintrigirao pojednako filmofile kao i specijaliste za VFX pokretanjem svoje vankuverske producentske kuće Oats Studios u kojoj je počeo da proizvodi kratke filmove sa namerom da na bazi reakcija fanova tako profiliše svoje buduće celovečernje projekte. Blomkampovi kratki filmovi su vrlo brzo privukli veliku pažnju javnosti, ne samo kvalitetom već i inovativnim poslovnim modelom.

Negde u isto vreme, prikazana su barem dva nova celovečernja filma za koje možemo reći da su izašli ispod Blomkampovog šinjela. Continue reading

Revolucija na Planeti majmuna

Matt Reeves je u svoja dva filma o Planeti majmuna napravio svojevrsnu revoluciju u pogledu tretmana digitalno kreiranih likova.

Serijal o Planeti majmuna počeo je 1968. godine i bazirao se na glumcima maskiranim u majmune. Naravno, majmuni su u tim prvim filmovima izgledali humanoidno, uglavnom hodali uspravno, a producenti su se trudili da u tim ulogama okupe elitne glumce kako bi izgradili karakter tih maskiranih protagonista. Continue reading