Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and the VFX behind the film by BBC Click




Ederlezi Rising i O bubicama i herojima na 46. FEST-u

46. FEST održaće se od 23. februara do 4. marta 2018.  Takmičarski program je podeljen u tri kategorije: GLAVNI TAKMIČARSKI, SRPSKI FILM i GRANICE.

U kategoriji Srpski film dodeljivaće se nagrade, a o njima će odlučivati žiri u sastavu Alen Sinkauz, Miloš Timotijević, Lordan Zafranović, Katarina Radivojević, Damjan Kozole. U ovoj selekciji biće prikazano 5 premijernih ostvarenja: Banditi u potrazi za mamom Koste Ristića, Ederlezi rising Lazara Bodrože, Horizonti Svetislava Dragomirovića, Izgrednici Dejana Zečevića i O bubicama i herojima Petra Pašića. Continue reading

The History of Shrinking People in Movies


Downsizing VFX Supervisor Jamie Price breaks down the history of people miniaturization in movies. In this timeline, Price explains the special effects techniques like forced perspective, compositing, the Schüfftan process, rotoscoping, motion control, motion capture and more. Movies include Bride of Frankenstein, Dr. Cylops, The Incredible Shrinking Man, Darby O’Gill and the Little People, Hook, The Indian in the Cupboard, The Lord of the Rings franchise, Ant-Man, and, of course, Downsizing.



Interview: Vladimir Mastilovic – 3lateral

VladimirMastilovic_loVladimir is founder and CEO of 3Lateral, a multidisciplinary company built around passion for creation of an appearance of life in digital medium. Vladimir’s focus in career are high fidelity digital humans starting from capture systems (3D and 4D scanning, appearance capture) to modelling and articulation systems to data bases, statistical modelling and engine integration. 3Lateral has received several prestigious awards including Most Innovative Entrepreneur by EY (2014) and Best Real Time Graphics and Interactivity (SIGGRAPH 2016, as part of team of companies Epic Games, Ninja Theory, Cubic Motion and 3Lateral). Portfolio of his company includes many AAA game titles including Grand Theft Auto IV and V, Red Dead Redemption, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Star Citizen, Until Dawn, Battlefield 1 and The Order:1886. We had an opportunity to hear about the 3Lateral’s “behind the scenes” works at CGA Belgrade conference, where Vladimir exclusively premiered some of their fresh developments.

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