Aleksandar Djordjević – Montage

Aleksandar Aleks Đorđević is a New York, USA based Creative Director, VFX Supervisor, commercials & feature film finishing artist, originally from Belgrade, Serbia. During his successful international career spanning more than a decade in advertising and post-production, he worked for many major agencies and post houses on hundreds of prime-time commercials, and a number of block-buster and independent feature films (IMDB), consistently providing creative direction, in-house and on-set supervision, and project leadership.

A write-up on the recent work he has done for Method Studios New York for “Wolf of Wall Street”, provides a good insight in some of the tasks team leads in VFX are facing today. He has written a few articles published on various industry-specific on-line portals, and mentored many young and upcoming artists to the advertising and feature film post-life through project management, lectures and past work on the board of the Visual Effects Society Tri-State Area section.
Visit Aleksandar’s presentation on:


Aleksandar Đorđević


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