Young Bum Kim, Art director, Motionographer, Designer, Illustrator

Young Bum Kim was Born in South Korea. He grew up in a family of artists, thus, he has always had a deep sense of art. He was always exposed to a mixture of fine art and design, and that is how he was able to appreciate high art from a young age. He enjoyed any type of Fine Art exhibition and had conversations with a lot of artists, including his family members. Now he gets inspiration from his past and utilizes it to develop his own projects.

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In 2010 he graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in graphic design. Young Bum is currently working for R/GA in New York as a motion graphic designer. His major works are TV channel promotions, creating corporate visual identities, designing art work, art direction, product development for advertising campaigns, and motion graphics. His expanding vision and creative work is informed by his visual and conceptual creative abilities which he has applied to various fields.
Young Bum has received many awards such as Emmy Awards, PROMAX/BDA Awards, Type Directors Club, Art Directors Club, Graphis, Creativity International Awards, International Design Awards, and How Magazine awards.

Young Bum Kim

He believes that a mixture of mediums can create unconventional solutions. He proactively works with engineers, composers, and artists on different projects using new technology and new media which always push him in new directions. Not only does he enjoy experimenting with the possibilities of design but he also believes that supplying himself with fresh ways of thinking and developing new skill sets is vital to his work.

Young Bum Kim
Young Bum Kim
Young Bum Kim
Young Bum Kim

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